The Travelling Feet
This site is aimed at chronicling my adventures and misadventures as I travel to familiar and unfamiliar places and brave the unknown -Doi 

Epic Potato
one tenth Carrie Bradshaw and 90 percent Amelia Earhart. Her middle name is Epic. She likes to travel to random places on a whim. -Pandelicious 

The Transcendetal Tourist
The blog is much more than a travel blog indeed. AJ travels into the soul of the places he visits and shares their rich history in beautiful prose and stunning images. One cannot help but feel inside and part of the stories (from Ron of If I Had A Blog) 

Peculiar Hours
a 20-year old guy who takes delight on extemporaneous trips with my analog camera. -Byron 

Batang Lakwatsero
Batang Lakwatsero is into traveling. He’s still young, very much eager to explore the world and willing to discover and learn from these travels. – Ivan 

Shades of Grey

Blue would be the best color to describe Elal as she loves capturing landscape during the blue hours, and truly her photographs are just breath taking.

The Backpack Chronicles

The Backpack Chronicles are feeble attempts on Joan’s part to document her travels within the Philippines and beyond and every experiences that goes along with it.

Solo Flight Ed

One of the best independent travel blogger in the Philippines, SoloFlightEd ditches his career in the BPO industry and followed his passion the way of life that he is dreaming of.


Wanderlust On The Road

A young independent Filipino traveler who’s wit and charm will really hook you up reading his blogs about his adventures


Biyaheng Palos

Is a Destination Explorer in his own way and gets pleasure in sharing my photos of the places and faces of the here and now perspectives.