Capones Island: Home Of Zambales’ Beacon Light & How It Broke My Heart

Capones Island. Just near shore of Pundaquit beach this Island is home to Zambales’ first lighthouse.  The island features a few beaches tucked on its sides.

Capones would be our final destination in our Nagsasa Adventure and I was really excited to take photographs of the lighthouse on top of the hill.

It was almost mid-day when we started sailing towards the island from Nagasasa Cove. The bankeros docked the boat near the lighthouse so we wouldn’t not need to hike longer up on the hill to reach the lighthouse.

While on the boat you can see the entire island and the beautiful while sand beaches it has, these are no longer lahar sand but real beach sand.

Eastern most end of Capones Island


From afar we could see the lighthouse sitting on top of the hill. This particular lighthouse is part of the 24 lighthouses built during Spanish time to strengthen the Galleon Trade that was between Acapulco and Manila.

Anyways, there we were nearing to dock. Then the boatmen told us that the waves were too strong and the water was too shallow so we would need to swim! All my dreams about shooting the lighthouse up closed went down the drain. Some of us thought of bringing our cameras and risking it from getting it wet.

I couldn’t even think of going into the water! I wanted my camera with me! I was thinking that it is pointless to jump into the water and see the lighthouse if I won’t be able to take photos with me when I go home. I was brokenhearted.

A closer look

I jumped into the water, without a camera leaving my dreams behind. Thus, these are the only photos I have of the island and the lighthouse. I was able to snap some on Chinchan‘s camera who bravely risked his camera onto the water.

On the brighter side, this is a good reason to come back to Pundaquit, ey!?


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