Harana: The Music Of Love

Does any body still serenade anyone anymore?

Good question huh!? Well in the good old days it’s a norm to serenade somebody that you like. When a girl being serenaded by a guy looks out of the window or their balcony it means that the guys has a chance and that the girl may like him. Enough said there… here’s a video taken during Taal’s El Pasubat Festival, It demonstrate how they do “Harana” (Serenade) during the days….

Valenzuela: Piyesta Ng San Roque

Every 12th of May Valenzuela celebrates the feast of San Roque in Mabolo, Valenzuela.

It is said that during the feast’s procession if a girl gets caught in the middle of a group of dancing men the girl would have a boyfriend or get married that year. And for the men they’ll be blessed with someone as well.

The feast has been celebrated for more than 300 years since the spanish era and is continued to be practiced today with the support of the city government.

Here’s a video of the procession that I took last 2011.



  • Pack/travel light, there’s gonna be a lot dancing so just bring a water bottle and small towel and extra clothes
  • Enjoy the procession and don’t be a kill joy if some one asks you to dance with go on and dance.
  • Enjoy the caridad drinks. There are drinks along the procession route that you can drink as much as you like. They are called caridad.
  • The procession usually starts around 9am, be sure to be there by 9am


  • Take any Malanday bound bus or Jeep. Get off at the end of the route (Mercury/Meralco Malanday)
  • Take a sidecar/pedicab going to Mabolo

Travel Guide: Obando Fertility Festival (Sayaw Sa Obando)

From the 17th to the 19th during the month of May Obando, Bulacan celebrate the longest feast in the Philippines, The Obando Fertility Festival or more popularly known as Sayaw sa Obando.

Formerly known

Events: 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Clark Airfield in Pampanga again hosts the  Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival for its 17th season.

I have been wanting to go to this event for the longest time, but plans had never pushed through because of work


But on Saturday my eyes will feast on Balloons and more! I haven’t seen one to be honest, so I am really excited to see all of them up in the sky. And thanks to Digital Photographer Philippines and Caltex I could go up close to these giants!For those who would like to be amazed them selves with these giant lantern like, dreamy balloon you can still catch them until Sunday February 12, 2012.Tickets are available at the gates as stated on the organizer’s website. Meanwhile you can go here  to see the things you can expect to see.

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