Cebu City: Sinulog Country

Every time that someone says the word Cebu there are three things that comes into my mind the beach, danggit and señor Sto. Niño!

I arrived in Cebu International Airport about past midnight and I didn’t want to waste my money on checking-in in a hotel. It’s a good thing Doi of  The Travelling Feet told me that I could hang out for the night at the IT Park ( sorry no photos) where I spent most of my time having coffee, eating at a fast food and sleeping on chairs until daybreak.

By six in the morning when it was bright enough, I went to the Basilica of the Senor Sto. Niño to hear mass. I arrived at the basilica just in time for the start of the mass, unfortunately as I sit and listened I realized that I couldn’t understand a thing that is being said! The mass was in Cebuano! I had no choice but to wait for the next mass which will be done in English.


Lacking in sleep I can’t help but doze off a bit while waiting for the next mass. The celebration was done at the outdoor area and not inside the basilica it self so I went to a corner that ain’t that noticeable so I could take a nap guilt free =)

After hearing mass (which I still didn’t understand half of the homily as it was said in tagalog-cebuano) I went inside the basilica to observe the architecture and pray some more at the altar and at the image of the santo Nino so I could travel smoothly.

The basilica features a courtyard which is beautifully landscaped with statues where families hang out for a while maybe while waiting for the next mass or for a family member inline for the image of the sto. Nino.

The line was a bit long that just shows how Cebuanos love the Sto. Nino. Which also is the reason why one of the biggest celebration in honor of the senor is celebrated in Cebu.

If you want to get a taste of Sinulog better book your flights and accommodations months in advance as the festival attracts a lot of people both with devotions to the Sto. Nino and tourists a like .

For more information about the Sinulog Festival you may visit their official website

Pit Senyor!

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