Cebu: The Treasures Of The Carcar Market

If you want to really get to know a place up close and personal you need to pay a visit to their local market and as for Carcar City’s case it is a must.

Carcar is not only known for having one of the most unique churches in the whole of Cebu (St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish) but also for being the home of the best lechon in Cebu and they -yes there are more than one vendor- can be found in their public market!

The Carcar Market can be found just across their famous roundabout. Like the usual market it has the common dry section where you can find the usual goods like clothes and just about everything that you’d need. But what’s special about their market is the food section! Here you’ll find not only their famous lechon but also other dried and fresh sea food. You can even eat out as there are Puso (rice wrapped with coco leaves)  that completes your meal of course there are eateries as well where you can buy other viands.

Carcar market is a definite must visit when in Cebu, so go on don’t be afraid to venture out and experience how to be a local in this lovely town.

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