Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店

Books are a part of everyday life in Taiwan and it can be seen in the usual lifestyle of every Taiwanese. Imagine a bookstore open 24 hours everyday, a bookworm’s haven right? It does tell a lot about how much they love reading, this is Eslite.

Books are an integral part of life in Taiwan and this is very evident even in their pop culture, this is where Eslite found its success in this small island of Formosa.

Eslite has two bookshops in Taipei one of them is even open 24 hours everyday (Songshan), and the other one located in the Xinyi district even has multi levels with various retail shops that people can go and read books.

Bookstores and shops are a good sign in an area if you would ask me because this only means that the people around it are continually feeding their mind for progress.

How To Get To Eslite Bookstore – Xinyi District

Take the MRT Get off at the Taipei City Hall Station and walk going to the back of the station through Lane 20 Section 5, Zhongxiao East Rd. and you’ll find the building on your right.

You may also view this map for their Xinyi Branch.

You can find their first store in the Songshan District Here

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