Finding The Best Hotels Via Traveloka

There are so many things that we learn by traveling. We learn from the places we go to, our experiences and the people we meet. On a recent trip across Indochina, I learned one thing that has helped me saved money ever since. It is not a special technique or discipline but something a lot easier to accomplish, it is an app called Traveloka.

I’ve always thought I have this exceptional skill of finding good deals over the internet. But when I met this Filipina while waiting for someone in a hotel lobby I was baffled at how much was she able to book her hotel room far cheaper than what I found. She then pulled up her phone and showed me her Traveloka App.

traveloka app

This is how easy it is to get the best deals around.

First you need to download the Traveloka App on your phone. Once it is installed, tap on the hotel button and start searching the area where you wish to book. You can search for specifics by using the filter and sort feature of the app! You can also check out reviews sourced from Tripadvisor, a highly respected review forum straight from the app so can have a feel of the hotel’s service. Once you have selected the hotel of your choice, you can then select the room that you like!

traveloka app

Choose your hotel

traveloka app


traveloka app

Choose the room of your choice



After selecting your room, you will be taken to the details page where you can review the guest details. Once you confirm that the details are correct tap on the next button so you can process your payment. What I like most about this app is that it doesn’t just confine you in one payment option via credit or debit card, they also accept payments through their payment partners such as banks, Cebuana and 7Eleven – how convenient right!? You will then receive your voucher itinerary after your payment has been posted, the advantage of paying through credit card though is that you get instant confirmation!


Traveloka App

Put in your details

Traveloka app


Review details

Traveloka App

Traveloka App


traveloka payment partners

After learning about Traveloka, I have since made the app as my primary search app for not just hotels but flights as well. I also like the fact that they reward people who believe in them, imagine just by signing up you will get special rates emailed straight to your inbox every week! I’ve compared their prices with other booking apps but it only shows that Traveloka mostly offer the best prices that there is. I also like the fact that their reviews are sourced from tripadvisor as it is the go to forum for experienced travelers who have seen the best and worst of hotel services giving you a honest review of the properties.

However, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and download the Traveloka App today and compare prices from their competitors. I very much confident that just like me, you will be surprised on how cheap you can secure rooms for your next trip. Like I said, it has become my primary search tool for hotels flights already and with their convenient payment options there’s always a way for everyone to get the best rooms available for their next trip. Enjoy!

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