My 7 Super Shot

First, I would like to thanks Elal of, The Shades Of Grey, for tagging me. Hehehe… I am finally done with it Elal! hahaha

The photos that I’ve posted here may not be my best photos, in fact one of them dates back about half a decade ago. I have chosen them because they best represent the themes for each photo.

Takes My Breath Away

It was one of the few times that I have said wow, but this destination so far has made me wow the longest. From the time that we jumped off point to the hiking trail and finally the crater lake I just kept on saying wow being amazed with natures majestic creation. 

Makes Me Dream

Taken about a decade ago, this photo still makes me dream. It brings back my memories of the day when I set foot in the the land of milk and honey. I would surely love to go back sometime soon.

Makes Me Think

Makes me think…. how it was being a child.

Makes Me Smile

Tell me why wouldn’t you smile at this cute kitten…. =)  

Makes Me Mouth Water

This actually isn’t my best photo for food but seeing this photo makes my mouth water as I remember the time I first tasted authentic Taiwanese food. This is made up of herbs and vegetables grilled tied together with some meat, I don’t even know what it is called but it sure is delicious.

Tells A Story

This was taken in Bohol a couple of years ago. We were on our way to the Chocolate Hills when I saw this man at the back of a motorcycle flanked by a loader on each side. The man was smile as chats with the driver on their way to deliver their goods.


I’m Most Proud Of (My Nat Geo Worthy Shot)

This was taken during the 17th Hot Air Balloon festival in Clark Field Pampanga. I was amazed on how this photo came out because of the how the men were illuminated. Well, after analyzing the photo it turns out that I was able to shoot simultaneously with the man in front of me. Still this is one of the photos that I am most proud of.


To continue the tradition I am tagging the following people for their 7 Super Shot.

Rey Carbonel of FootTrails 

Axl Guinto of Axl PPI

AJ Poliquit of The Transcendental Tourist

If you have been tagged follow the Hostel Bookers way of doing it

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