Project 2 Weeks Out: I’m Flying Out

It was just a dream that became a plan, that became an adventure. For years, I’ve dreamed of seeing southeast Asia like I’ve never seen any other place before. Southeast Asia was a dream land for me. I would often day dream about walking along the streets of Saigon and just sit down at a random food stay in a corner. May be think of going on adventures with some stranger I met on the road and make memories. It was some sense of freedom that I was dreaming about. Much like how I felt the first time I moved out of my parents house.

This is it, here I come Indochina.

Planning took forever and it never felt that I was done planning until the day I left. I would keep on recomputing and rechecking on my itineraries, bus tickets and hostel reservations. There’s this  sense of uncertainty that made the trip seem to be more exciting. The feeling of unpredictability appealed so much to me, I was so ready for adventure!

And so the day came. I packed up everything, fitting 2 weeks of my life inside a 45 liter bag. I asked my dad to bring me to the bus stop since it was about past midnight and there were no cabs going out of the village.  My house is about one and a half hours away from the airport. A bus and a jeepney ride after I was at the airport trying to hold my self together. I was nervous, I was trying to snap back into to my self, that this is really happening.

There’s one thing you should know though. This was not suppose to be a solo trip. I invited my best friend to be part of it, I mean wouldn’t it be a lot more fun if you have someone to go on adventures with? Unfortunately He bailed out. Anyways it turned out fine.

Arriving at the airport with enough time, 3 hours before my flight I foraged for food first.

My head was scouring through my memory if there’s anything else I have forgotten to buy or bring. I wanted to make sure that I had everything and just buy at the airport if I forget something at home. Knowing that I’ve not left anything I ate breakfast at Jollibee.


After filling my tummy, I went to pay for my travel tax. Yep Filipinos pay the government each time we go out of the country. As I approached the Check-In counter area I was greeted with a line I couldn’t imagine could happen that early in the morning. So I fell in line just like everyone else. When it was my turn I gave my passport and itinerary. I asked for a window seat as usual. I like windows seats not just because I like watching my window as we take off but it is also a good place to sleep during flights. Wish granted.

Like the usual, there’s a huge line of people trying to get through. The immigration officer didn’t ask much, just asked for my return ticket. I got stamped out then through security. This is also the first time that I am taking a flight in the morning. Most if not all of my flights arrives at night time or leaves really late at night since they are the cheapest ones.

For the first time in my life, I welcomed the sun while watching planes come and go before me. It was magical for me. We boarded the plane and as always I boarded last. I save my self from standing in line while all seats have been reserved for you. When the last person in line went through the gate I stood up and boarded. As I enter the plane I find my self way at the back of the plane. I stood in front of the row printed on my boarding pass and there was this white guy occupying my seat. I’m not the confrontational type, so I called on the Cebu Pacific flight attendant to help me out. She didn’t even bother to inform the person that he is on the wrong seat, she just asked me to take the last row. The entire row was empty, and since the seats do not recline on that row I just used all seats as a bed! To be honest I would had still wanted my original seat. But all is done now anyway.


Off to the skies we go. I try my best to sleep since I’ve been awake since the night before. I’ve only managed to get a few naps or so I think. I’m actually not sure how much sleep I was able to snag. I wasn’t keeping track. I tried to sleep as much as I could, see even though I love flying I’m not the best at it. I get terrified easily with turbulence and crazy things start running through my head almost instantly.

A few hours after, the captain spoke on the intercom informing us that we are nearing our final descent, the time and the weather in Bangkok. A few minutes more, touch down. Welcome to Suva… heck I can’t even pronounce it! Welcome to Bangkok!


This Post is part of my Project 2 Weeks Out. I traveled through the Indochina region for 14 days on my own. This will be a series recounting the adventures and misadventures I experienced the entire two weeks of my travel 

Part  1: Flying Out
Part  2: Finding My Way Home
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