Puerto Galera: White Beach, A Quick Escape To Paradise

Living in the fast paced world of Metro Manila, with all the pressure from work is ain’t easy. So an escape to paradise from time to time is longed for by any resident of one of the biggest metropolis in the world, Manila.

For a quick trip to relax, one of the most recommended places to escape is Puerto Galera. I for one used to often this beach side municipality for some R&R whenever I feel stressed with my job. What is good about puerto galera is that it’s just a few hours away from Manila and the cost really isn’t that much. I also like the fact that you have to ride an outrigger (boat) for a several minutes to get to the beach, it gives me a complete sense escape.

Bonding Moments

Puerto Galera is also perfect as a bonding destination with your friends or family. You can dine at one of the many restaurants that cook international cuisines that I can say would be much more affordable compared to the prices in Manila even if these restaurants are beach front!

With friends some time early 2000’s at our favorite restaurant Nikita (sad that they closed now) 


White beach is also famous for its fabulous (out words, lol) night life when the beach front restos turn into lively bars full with party people.

One thing that you shouldn’t miss when partying is the famous Mindoro Sling, I tell you, you would forget about everything that happened that night except that it was just one hell of a PARTEY!


Beach Bum Lane

Well yes, admittedly I am a beachcomber. I can just stay on the sand, under the sand for hours with just me (and a good friend) with my fruit shake. I don’t know why I like it but yeah I love doing it. But its not just me, a lot of people do love doing it in white beach too, specially foreign tourists.


While basking underneath the Sun, you can either get a massage or have your hair braided just like what I did way back. and yeah it lasted for less than a week until the rubbers snapped out of my hair.



I guess the secret in getting good accommodation in  white beach is research and good haggling skills. The photo below is the view from our balcony, amazing isn’t it? But would you believe that it costs less than the one that has no view at all downstairs!?? So when we got it we asked for some discount and voila! A beautiful view from our balcony at less than 1,000.00!

You should also consider the season if you want to save some money, as for me and my companion that time, we opted to come during the lean season (it was September) because we want to avoid the crowed. We saw a different White Beach that time, a more serene and relaxing beach front, which is exactly what we needed.

At that time most of the people there were foreigners (east Asians mostly) and it was like being on an upscale beach area, it was something that I wanna do over again.


White beach offers a lot of activities that you can choose from, just hangout by your balcony, a restaurant or just by the sand a manong (a guy) or a manang (a woman) would talk you out in taking one of their activity packages.

Popular activities in white beach are para-sailing, island hopping, snorkeling and banana boat to name a few. For those people (just like me before) who aren’t that adventurous you can just get some spa services while by the beach. LOL! how can I forget those ladies shouting out MA-SADS! (massage) hahaha!

Rest and Relaxation R&R

Away from the loud music and adventurous crowd of white beach, across the boulders on the west end lies Tamaraw beach which is bet for families who wants some peace and quite moments.

This would be the best activity that I love doing in White Beach, walking. If you walk far enough you would reach this part of the island. It is said that this part is owned by a wealthy family and they’re not just wealthy they are uber rich!

Though the fame and wealth that they have this family stays humble enough, look no walls or barricades blocking their veranda.

The family lives comfortably at this part of the island (and peacefully) because they are humble enough to interact with the community as a common people, they even help the Mangyans with their livelihood and in return the Mangyans  help them in anyway that they can. A beautiful example of bayanihan.

Finally at the end of the day, this is what I always wait for, the Sun set. Even though the sun sets over the hilly side of the beach it is still a sight to behold. They play of colors would every Sun set would never disappoint you and you surrender to the calmness of the gushing waves.

So go on take a little trip on the nearest paradise that you can afford, make it Puerto Galera.


How To Get To Puerto Galera, White Beach

Take a bus going to Batangas Pier. We usually take JAM Liner or ALPS Bus Lines. At the port go straight to the ticket lobby where you can choose what is the lowest priced boat company. It is also advisable to buy a round trip ticket for your boat fare. Total round trip fare from Cubao would cost around 600 – 700 (Bus & Boat).


As soon as you get off at White Beach a group of people will approach you and offer rooms that you can rent. Just haggle really good to get a good bargain.

Travel Seasons

Lean Season: June – October

High Season: November – March

Peak Season: April – May and Holidays specially long weekends.



Because there a lot of people asking for more information about the accomodation I’ve posted this google map that I made for some landmarks… But as soon as you step off the boats hoards of agents offering rooms would flock your way just learn to haggle good.  Click on the markers for more info! If this post was able to help you or you need more information please leave a comment below 😉

View My Room in puerto Galera in a larger map

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