Pundaquit: Sunsets and Goodbyes

It was late in the afternoon and the Sun was ready to retire for the day when we arrived at Pundaquit beach from our Anawangin – Nagsasa – Capones Adventure.

We were all tired yet fulfilled, Hungry without any proper lunch (again) but still excited about the sunset. I was trying to eat the left over skyflakes and tuna in oil when I noticed that Elal, a fellow photographer, what no where near me. I noticed that they sky was already burning red and I knew it! she was right there aiming her camera at the defenseless Sun who had no choice but to have her beauty captured by the lens.


I joined Elal as she shoots the Sun set. I was able to capture a few before it just sets though there wasn’t enough time to capture it on video.


The setting Sun was like a symbolic gesture as we say goodbye to Zambales.

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ian dela pena

iandelapena, the person behind the blog brownmantrips is a yuppie living in the metropolis who believes there is always something good to see everywhere in the world. This is his depository of travel memories for his not so good and maybe soon to fail memory, thus the travelogues in this blog.


  1. i love san antonio too! blogged about it too not so long ago.. hehe.. im from olongapo just an hour to san antonio, i discovered this place online just recently.. hehe nakakahiya i wasn’t even aware of this beautiful place!! great shots you have here!! will be dropping by san antonio again soon.. 😉

    • WOW!!! I love Olongapo! It’s was the city that I had fallen in love until I met Cebu…. hahahah pero pantay ang pagmamahal ko sa kanilang dalawa….. I like cities that has good access to the beach kase…. plus it’s clean there… kaya I really like it.

      Thank you for dropping by and I hope to hear from you again soon… =) cheers!

  2. Fantastic images!!! Great job of composing I like the busy foreground in the first and the clean sharp look of the second!!!

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