Show Me The Money! Ways To Build Your Travel Fund

I never thought that something like this would come this soon in my life. I was actually planning for this by early next year.

What the heck am I saying, you ask? Travel Funds!

I don’t know what forces of nature is moving me to push through for a trip on November, but all I know right now is that it is the right decision to take.

With my mind made up and satisfied with my decision all I need now is the money to fund my trip. And the hard part about it is that I will be building my travel fund from scratch with my empty pocket, and I mean that literally.

I have been unemployed for the past several months spending my hard earned money the way I always wanted it to be, traveling. Because of that, I am caught off guard of this decision that I made.

As of my initial assesment I have estimated approximately $1600 for this 6 month epic trip and that still is just the skeletal plan.

So where the…. will I get the money? With that let me share to you the ways that I have thought on How To Build My Travel Fund

1. Liquidate

I am sure that like me you have lots of stuff may be in your closet or gadget depository that you actually don’t use that much. This will surely help starting your travel fund.

As for me I have decided to sell a lot of my stuff even though they are a bit of a sentimental value for me. I’ve decided to let go in order for me to accomplish better things in life.

I’ll soon post a link here on an auction page where you could bid or buy items or maybe donate for my trip.

2. Online Advertisement

As a traveler I share my experiences witht the world through this blog and yes blogging doesn’t have to be all expenses (if you pay for your own host and domain),  I know some travelers who actually earn some cash with advertisement on their websites. All it takes is some patience (that I barely have) in learning how to actually earn a decent amount =)

3. The Digital Nomad Way

Travelers on the road who found that traveling is the lifestyle that they want. I have read some ways on how they earn some of them try to get temporary jobs on their current location but most of them has online jobs. Or maybe I am just lazy looking for something that would suite me 😉

4. Paychecks

I would really want to have a job that I can take anywhere that I go. Though in reality it is not that easy to get a good paying job (at least for me) because most of them are too technical for me.

So as of now I am employed (since business aint doing really good), actually my honest opinion is that 8-5 mon-fri jobs are a great way to source for an epic trip. Why? because as long as you work on time and meet your performance matrix you are sure that you’ll get that paycheck at the middle and end of the month.

This way you would have a clear idea on when you will reach you goal. Also if your job’s schedule doesn’t really change a lot, you can also do part time businesses on the side like selling stuff on the internet or something that would not require that much time and attention.

5. Sidelines

This is the part that is making me think right now. I use to sell shirts from abroad in the office but I don’t think that it’s my thing anymore. But maybe I can still sell some stuff online and just ship them off to who ever orders them.

The good thing about selling online, like I said earlier is the fact that you dont have to be physically present all the time just make sure that you put out a good description of your items and customers will find them selves ordering your merchandise

These are just a few of the things that you can do to build up your travel fund however, I think that these are the best options for me as of now. Building your fund can be a bit stressful specially if like me you too have a deadline more than a target date. But these situations are part of the lessons that make us better travelers and persons, it makes us more mature handling our finances (hopefully).

How about you? how do you plan to fund your next trip?

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ian dela pena

iandelapena, the person behind the blog brownmantrips is a yuppie living in the metropolis who believes there is always something good to see everywhere in the world. This is his depository of travel memories for his not so good and maybe soon to fail memory, thus the travelogues in this blog.