Meycauayan Train Station

On our not so distant past trains, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) to be specific, had been part of our daily lives. I can still remember during my high school days that my dad would wake us up at around 5 AM telling us “Gising na alas cinco na, dumaan na yung tren!” (Wake up it’s five in the morning, the train passed by already!)


There are train stations scattered throughout Bulacan, aside from the one that is in my home town of Valenzuela (which was a part of the said province until the late 1970’s) the next station nearest to my home is situated in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

We constantly hear the sound of its mighty horn each and every morning until one day we realized that we no longer hear it, the train no longer roars.

Today the station that served some Bulakenyos is in a depressing state. The station is in a prime location and the structure is a work of art! I mean the building could be used for a much more productive purpose other than grazing goats right? With the beauty of the building and its prime location it could very well serve as maybe a coffee shop with a generous parking lot, a restaurant or maybe anything that would generate income…. come on! we can be better than this!

I hope you don’t get me wrong guys. I love the PNR and it would be a dream from me to ride the train up north one day (ilang taon na kaya ako nun =( ) but for now when everything is on hold when it comes to construction I hope that we could make these stations of use productively.

By the way the station in Valenzuela is also of a prime location and was previously used by the local government as a police precinct but is now behind walls and of state that I don’t know.


This is part of my McArthur Hiway Motorcycle Series 

McArthur Hiway Series

For so many years I have been passing through the McArthur highway commuting to and from the office. On 2011 I decided to quit my job and live the life that I have always wanted and one of the things that I have wanted to do is to traverse this ubiquitous road and try to absorb the history that wraps through the path it has beaten. Like a lot of travelers would say one should travel slow to be able to appreciate more a certain space which I will attempt to do in this series. My journey would begin at my home town of Valenzuela, my mode of transportation? A motorcycle! Yep! That is a dream come true for me a swell. =)

My Route

My Itinerary

So join me as I travel through this road and discover the richness of it’s history!

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