Harana: The Music Of Love

Does any body still serenade anyone anymore?

Good question huh!? Well in the good old days it’s a norm to serenade somebody that you like. When a girl being serenaded by a guy looks out of the window or their balcony it means that the guys has a chance and that the girl may like him. Enough said there… here’s a video taken during Taal’s El Pasubat Festival, It demonstrate how they do “Harana” (Serenade) during the days….

Manila Bay Sunset Cruise

Manila Bay offers a spectacular world renowned show every single day that we all call sunset. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at that dinner and the beautiful Manila skyline while you comfortably cruise on the bay with music on your background? Sounds lie a good plot for a romantic movie ey!? But no, this is for real…. Here’s a short video of our Sunset Cruise after our Adventour Challenge in Corregidor.

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