Taiwan: Beitou Thermal Valley 北投 地热谷

It is the hottest part of Beitou (北投) that you can access, some call it Sulfur Valley, Hell Valley but it is much more popularly and is officially called as Beitou Thermal Valley (北投 地热谷).

Thermal Valley is a park where you will see the hottest part of the valley so be cautious specially if you have kids you wouldn’t want to have them touch the water or they’ll suffer serious burn injuries. There are safety measures around the park like rails but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful since we really don’t know what kids can do, right?

You’ll find this sign along the main road a few meters in front of the parks entrance. I had difficulty looking for the park because a coaster was blocking this signage so just ask to people around from time to time to make sure that you can locate it.

There are lots of signs around so you really won’t get that lost. You’ll also find information about Thermal Valley on boards that were placed around the area.

I think the structure below is supposedly a tourist information center I’m just not sure why was it closed when I was there. But I like how Taiwan introduces modern architecture throughout the city and how it blends to nature and centuries old structures.

If you want to get closer to the action you can cross the bridge in front of information center to get closer to the steam. If your smelling ability is really sensitive you’ll be able to smell the sulfuric steam rising from the hot spring that reaches temperature as high as 100 degrees Celsius.

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The rock above is a unique sulfuric rock that can be rarely found anywhere else. This same rock can be found on display at the Beitou Hot Springs Museum. These rocks are the ones that gives the water its acidic nature giving it healing characteristics.


Take the MRT and get off at XinBeitou. Dont forget to drop by the tourist information area for some maps. Take the road with the Starbucks coffee shop, you will be passing by the Taipei Public Library, Lung Nai Tang public Bath. The road bends at the end making a loop (that will lead you back to the MRT), once you made that turn the park’s entrance would be at your right side.


  •  You can eat at some of the restaurants near the entrance of the park and their prices are very affordable. I tried the tapioca milk tea and it was just so refreshing.
  • Walk slowly but if you have asthma consult your doctor before you go here, I don’t know what are the effects to people suffering from asthma but the smell is really acidic/sulfuric.
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