Taiwan Travel Video Part III The Finale

This is the last part of my travel video on my trip to Taiwan. This has been truly memorable and I hope that I could do another country again this year. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much to all of those who watched this series.

This part includes:

  • Xinyi Public Assembly Hall
  • Taipei 101
  • Taipei City Bus Station
  • Taipei City Bus Station Mall
  • Take off at Taoyuan International Airport and Landing at Manila International Airport.

Taiwan Backpacking Series

Part I       –  Departure from MNL Arrival at TPE and bus ride going to Taipei
Part II     –  Day I Adventure
Part III   –  The Monologue, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial, around Taipei, Take off at TPE and Landing in MNL

See My 2nd Day Itinerary Map Here

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ian dela pena

iandelapena, the person behind the blog brownmantrips is a yuppie living in the metropolis who believes there is always something good to see everywhere in the world. This is his depository of travel memories for his not so good and maybe soon to fail memory, thus the travelogues in this blog.


  1. Oh Em, Idol! Losing a wallet is a travel nightmare! Knock on wood, wag sana mangyari sa kin yan. How much is 700 Taiwan dollars in PhP?!

    Funny how you immediately forgot Dr Sun’s full name. Father of Taiwan lang naman ang kinalimutan, hehe. The changing of guards bit is choreographed to perfection. Sana mas matagal ang segment. 🙂

    Nice end credits. You survived through the kindness of many peeps! 🙂

  2. I haven’t lost money while traveling and that would really freak me out. So glad to see you surpass such ordeal.

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