Top 10 Activities In Boracay

Boracay Season, I mean summer is fast approaching! Let me share to you my Top 10 Activities that you can enjoy at the island paradise of Boracay!

1. Beach Bumming and Fruit Shakes. As the Italians would say it Dulce Far Niente! This is actually my personal favorite among the ten things that I have listed here. The truth is, the last time I was in Boracay I overspent way out of my budget for the trip because of those delicious fruit shakes that you can drink while basking underneath the Boracay Sun.

2. Biking. Most hotels have bikes that you can rent. Bike your way around the island and visit many of its hidden treaures.

3. Kite boarding. Hailed as Asia’s Kiteboarding capital, the Bulabog beach side of the island offers perfect consistent winds blowing. International competitions are held there from time to time

4. Island Hopping. Test your haggling skills and see how much you can manage to lower down your package with the manongs. Packages are offered practically every where at the beach. We got ours while some guy offered us while we were eating. I know it was kinda annoying but him disturbing us while eating actually worked to our advantage. We looked like we were not interested at first, then gave him a chance when told the price we told him that it was too much and showed our face as if we don’t care if we snorkel or not. So we told him how much we want to pay him which is much lower than what he offered then met half way from there! See a little drama helps a lot! LOLZ!



Here’s manong roselito’s number…

5. Paraw Sailing. I haven’t tried this one but it looks really cool. A Paraw is a local sail boat that harnesses the power of the wind. You can Island hop with this kind of boat as well or just roam around the waters of the island and enjoy its beauty.


Paraws sailing across a Boracay Sunset (Photo courtesy of Cha David-Domingo)

6. Eating. Buffet style dinning is every where specially along white beach. Indulge in a sea food feast for a reasonable price. But if you are on a budget head to D’Talipapa or D’Mall for other options.

7. Clubbing. Boracay is also known to have one of the best nightlife in the country that it seems like the island never sleeps. You can take your pick from.

8.Skim Boarding. If you are not that good of a swimmer here’s one activity that I would recommend to you. Station 1 would be the perfect area for this sport as it has the finest sand in all of white beach.

9. Helmet Diving. So you really Can’t swim!!??? no problem! even cats do helmet dives!



Helmet Diving With Friends (Photo Courtesy of Cha David-Domingo

10. Walking Along The Beach. And I am not talking about from one station to another! You should definitely try to walk from one end to another for a good 1 – 1.5 hrs (leisurely walk) and enjoy how the sand transitions from the not so fine sand at station 3 to the super powdery white sand in Station 1. This would also give you the opportunity to see and discover other attractions just right near the beach.

Enjoy the island to its fullest after all it wouldn’t be hailed as the second best beach in the world and the best in Asia if you wouldn’t get any fun at all right?

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