Bohol Countryside Tour

This is a MUST DO when in Bohol.

Yes that was a statement of strong recommendation. Well there are two tours that that people our tour guides would offer you one is the countryside tour of Bohol and the other one is a Dolphin watching activity. We didn’t have enough time and money for this tour so we opted to do what we deemed to be a much more logical decision, see the Bohol Countryside!

Hahaha were those serious sounding sentences? hahaha!

The tour was part of the deal that we made with out hotel and since we are getting the tour packaged with our stay we got it for just 1500 pesos inclusive of a tour guide who doubles as your driver and the use of a Mercedes Van (fancy ey!? hehe) and its gas so all we have to take care now are the entrance and environmental fees if any to our destinations.

So lets go touring now!

Pit Stop#1 Chocolate Hills

Our first stop was the famous Chocolate hills. Made up of lime stones these hills are spread over hectares of land. You can climb the viewing deck where you can get a 360 view of all the hills.

Pit Stop#2 Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm will take you to the world of metamorphosis. I like this stop for its educational value. Unlike other Butterfly farms that I have ever been to, the entrance fee that you pay includes a tour of the facility as well as a very entertaining explanation of how caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Pit Stop#3 Man Made Forest

One of my favorites in this tour was the Bilar Man Made Forest. As we enter the highway that the forest covers we immediately felt the sudden drop in temperature and the fresh air that the forest gives.

Pit Stop#4 Hanging Bridge

I had lots of fun at the hanging bridge as I ran yep without holding on to the rails while my friends gets more nervous because the bridge wiggles more as I run. There’s a secret on how to have balance as you cross the bridge, but I won’t tell coz it won’t be fun at all if you knew it. =D

Pit Stop#5 Loboc River Cruise

For lunch…. actually it was well in the afternoon when we got to the cruise, we ate our lunch on a floating balsa. The food was okay and over flowing, but of course be sure to arrive early so you can enjoy more pigging out on board.

Pit Stop#6 Tarsier

I personally don’t like the setup of this mini zoo that we went too. The tarsiers are caged and wide awake even though it is broad daylight. I would prefer seeing them in a sanctuary than a zoo, but yeah it was an experience seeing them still.

Pit Stop#7 Baclayon Church

One of the most famous landmarks in Bohol is the Baclayon church. The church that has a mix history of terror and hope.  You’ll surely wont be disappointed with the interior of this this church, though its a bit dark inside. >read more here

Pit Stop#8 Blood Compact Monument

In memory of the pact between the spaniards and the locals of Bohol, the blood compact, this monument was built over looking the sea. The place wood be jam packed with people trying to get their pictures taken so if you can make it your last stop do so, so you won’t waste your time waiting for your turn.

Taking the tour surely saved us a lot of money so if you are booking your hotels make sure to let them know that you want to include a tour so you can haggle. If you are staying in Panglao Island I would recommend Paragayo Resort where we stayed.

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