Cabangan: A Short Love Story

It wasn’t we planned. Not at all to be in that place and time, but destiny pushed it self way into us.


We journeyed, time passed by. It seemed never ending.

We came.


I did not expect what I have yet to see. It was magic.


Night came and the moon lit the shore as the water shines like a thousand diamonds.


We drank and laughed like we wouldn’t have a chance to do it all over again.It was epic.

Your waves are made me dance to the peace it whispers, the simplicity it preaches and the love it exudes.

I will be back, to dance again into your arms of never ending waves. The waves of peace and joy.


Cabangan is a fourth class municipality in Zambales, located in northern Luzon. It can be reached through Victory Liner buses. No resort was found by the writer as of the time that he went but just a public beach unless he had not search far and wide enough.

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