RetroTravels: Baguio City 1989

I remember there was someone knocking at our door. It was my grandma talking to my mom. After conversing my mom went back to me and my sister trying to brief us of what is going to happen. Hahaha… yes I did say brief, she tells she talked to us as if we were adults even if we were just itsy bitsy tiny children -which I think had a lot of good effects for us growing up, of course there are minor side effects if I may say. lol.


My mom started relaying the message to us – geez am I starting to sound like military here or what? – we are to go to Baguio that night along with other clan members that are available and that we are not to nag or beg for anything that would require money as we don’t have such good amount at that time. The trip was taken cared of by my second degree aunt of reasons I don’t know, all I know is that I was lucky that day.

The Trip

We went first to my aunt’s house which was a pedicab away. There I saw some of my cousins who are coming with us. I can’t remember what kind of vehicle it really was but it was comfortable enough specially for us kids.

So off we go along with everybody else but what is weird is that I remember us going to Makati first then through Quezon city first before going up north. I kept  on asking my mom about it but she doesn’t recall anymore. I just can’t be wrong with that memory as it is one of the best days of my life.

It was dark already when we arrived at our aunt’s house in Baguio. We entered this quite empty abode with nothing much for an appliance that you can see. No beds either. Everyone slept on mats on the floor but what was special that night that kept us warm was the fireplace that our elders lit up. It was so magical for a child’s eyes, I was like living a dream.

The day after was just as lovely as the night before. I woke up with hot choco and bread  having breakfast alfresco with fogs embracing the place. The house was situated on a hill and the view was amazing. I just don’t know why there were so many lions around the place and I remember asking my mom if those were the famous lion heads of Baguio, she replied no it was not. But that didn’t kill my curiosity, unfortunately until now I still don’t have the answers.

After breakfast our van (I think it was a van.. still unsure) went rolling to see the city! Our first destination was the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. From the foot to the top me and my sister raced up until we reached the grotto where candles of prayers are lit up for our lady’s intervention. My mom on the other hand since she only has one foot started at the middle of the flight of stairs. Still that is a feat to be accomplished to this day as that half of the stairs proved to be challenging for me -I gained so much weight that’s why lol!

After saying our prayers at the grotto our group went to Burnham Park where we spent most of the day. We had picnic lunch with blankets neatly laid on the grass and a basket full of spaghetti, rice and some viand was in order.

Aside from biking around the park one activity that I know I did really like was boating around the lagoon at Burnham park. I remember that there wasn’t much boats that time, may be just enough, unlike today where the lagoon is over crowded with parked boats on the side.

The temperature was not remarkably cold but it wasn’t really hot as well, I guess I could say that the temperature that day was perfect.

After eating lunch we went to Wright Park, I didn’t ride the horse we couldn’t afford it at that time, that reminds me I have never rode  horse in my entire life. Maybe when I go back to Baguio I should ride a horse ey?

I have been wanting to post this story for a long time now but I hadn’t been able to because these pictures were missing. I was losing hope that I’d ever find them again thinking that they might be gone with the past few floods over the the years. Luckily I found them.

I like going back to these memories and feel the happiness that I felt way back, yeah you do feel the same only this time around with nostalgia.

Hopefully I could unearth more photos that I could share to you guys in the future though it may take long again. But yeah I hope I could post something like this in the future.

How about you? What is your favorite travel memory when you were a child?

Post your answers at the comment section 😉

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