ShiLin CiCheng Temple 士林慈誠宮

Purposely lost in the middle of Shilin Night Maket 士林夜市 searching for some more adventures for my palate, I suddenly found my self standing in front of a temple. Surprised to find a temple at the midst of Shilin I never thought that I’d be getting my fix of my first temple experience when I was thinking that I would not get to see even one.

It was a weird feeling as I enter a temple the first time. I walked very cautiously trying to look at the surroundings if there are any reminders that I should follow.

The statues and decorations are elaborately royal mixed with modern decorative lights the temple gave an uncertain atmosphere for a first timer like me. I don’t know really know what the temple is for but a lot of people come in to pray. I even tried to get some information about The ShiLin CiCheng Temple but there’s really not much information about it.

Nonetheless I was thankful that I got to have my first temple experience. It was not as grand and majestic as I envisioned it but it was a great experience after all.

I am just concerned about the litter around the temple coming from the market and the people coming to the temple. There were people also smoking at the stairs of the temple, I don’t really know anything about Buddhism or confusion-ism but if it was a church for my God I would want people to smoking or littering around it.

How To Get To The ShiLin CiCheng Temple

From Jiantan Station 劍潭 take a short walk along Wenlin rd. and turn left to Dadong rd., walk for a couple of blocks until you get to the Danan rd. cross road where you will turn left. The temple is just a few meters from that corner and you’ll see it on your right as you walk.

View Shilin CiCheng Temple directions in a  map

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