Romantic Getaways For Valentines

Still thinking of where to go this valentines day with you love one? Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider

1. Boracay

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the fine sand under your feet while watching a perfect sun set across the vast turquoise water, Boracay simply just levels up the romantic vibe with its picture perfect vistas.

2. Anawangin

Cuddle up and enjoy more of each other while feeling like one of the casts of survivor as you enjoy the solitude in this secluded cove in Zambales. Far from the noise of the city and no electricity this experience will surely make you closer with each other.

3. Vigan

Walk along the cobble stone streets of Vigan and relive the days when harana was the in thing. The way back when brings you back in time when romance was a true art form.

4. Taal

Vigan is too far away? Well just an hour away from Manila is Taal, Batangas. Taal boasts of not just Hispanic abodes but also turn of the century houses. Enjoy a lovely dinner or lunch at Villa Tortuga with their exquisite menu dating back to the olden ages. Oh have I mentioned you can also dress up and be in character while in the villa?

5. Baguio

February is great month to visit Baguio as this month is also celebrated as the Arts Month and knowing that Baguio is one of the Art Mecca of the Philippine you will surely find lots of activities that you can either watch or participate that both of your would really enjoy!

These are just some of the best places here in the Philippines where you can spend your time this love month specially on valentines day. How about you where was the most romantic place that you have spend your valentine’s day?

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ian dela pena

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