Flow depths of up to 5 m caused the destruction of 3000 houses in Pangandaran. Sri Lanka ? Footage of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. A lifeguard reported that, mercifully, the tsunami hit on Monday afternoon, when there were few tourists on the beaches compared to the preceding Sunday. India ? The estimated tsunami death toll exceeds 600 along a 200 km stretch of coastline, with 413 fatalities in and around the tourist resort of Pangandaran. andy_sydney. 1 decade ago. Struck Thailand, Indonesia and several other Asian countries killing 280,000 people. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. January 28, 2005 — 11.00am. Favorite Answer...As of 16:35 GST 3 January 2004, Sri Lankan authorities report 30,196 confirmed deaths... You can find the stats for the other two countries in … 2006 Tsunami death total? thanks.

Im doing a geography project and i need a death total from the 2006 tsunami for these countries : Thailand ? Struck Thailand, … 2 Answers. Tsunami death toll passes 283,000. Relevance. Answer Save.