The article says that it was one of the only two F5 tornadoes of 2007. Talk:2007 Elie, Manitoba tornado. That is incorrect, as the other one was in the USA, so it uses the Enhanced Fujita … Effects -Completely destroyed several houses -Damaged a flour mill -Ripping two well-built houses off -A car was thrown 100 metres (330 ft) Effect -Over $1 million in damage -Total amage $39 million People: -Had an early warning -With enough time to look for protection June 22, 2007: Remembering Manitoba's Elie tornado. Don't miss. --Rosiestep 23:56, 11 December 2008 (UTC) F5. I moved "Elie, Manitoba Tornado" to "Elie, Manitoba tornado" to comply with Wikipedia:Naming conventions (events).