But we are witnessing the launch of many new technologies and tools, such as various headsets, handheld scans, head-mounted displays, etc. Augmented reality (AR) gained widespread attention the summer of 2016 with the addictive game, Pokémon Go. It’s there now, and for good: global pharma has started to use Virtual Reality for a whole list of purposes. Augmented reality technology has passed the stage of rapid development; many industries are expanding its functionality and offering a new level of innovative content now. This disruptive technology is expected to drive significant changes to businesses across many industries because of its ability to combine the virtual and physical worlds. Content plays automatically once the device has the entire Pharmacy Times page in view. Augmented reality, used above to show furniture placement, is gaining traction as a visual tool for pharma companies. Marketing and education, awareness and empathy building – VR headsets are seen quite frequently at discussion sites for healthcare and life sciences. Still, the most popular platform of augmented reality in medicine is Google Glass, due to the fact it is very convenient and leaves the hands free. Augmented Reality can be used to improve H&S on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sites by providing H&S managers with a tool to mark out hazardous areas and place virtual markers for operatives to follow. Augmented reality has unlimited potential and will address the pharmaceutical industry’s need for greater control over efficiency, safety, and reliability, says Apprentice CEO. Last week, Jersey City, NJ-headquartered Apprentice announced that it has raised $2.5m in venture funding for its augmented reality (AR) solution. Investments in software and devices, providing augmented reality, will only increase as technology continues to advance into new … Best Ways to Use Virtual and Augmented Reality for Pharma. Thousands of AR applications are used in retail firms, gaming industry, advertising, etc. H&S managers can also make use of Thermal Vision and Remote Expert to improve safety on site. But these days, AR is not just for fun. Watch Pharmacy Times Come to Life! Users can access augmented reality features multiple times or view future features by simply launching the app and holding it over the appropriate Pharmacy Times page. (Image: OyundariZorigtbaatar / CC BY 4.0) AR Augmented Reality Biotech Headset HoloLens Industrial Internet of Things Industrie 4.0 Industry 4.0 Innovation Internet of Things Life sciences Manufacturing Control MES Pharma Pharma 4.0 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Smart Device Smart Glasses Virtual Reality