The Weather Station Finder lets you select weather stations relevant to your weather data requirements. An index list of all available stations is available in XML Stations sorted by: StationIDs | StationNames | State | Elevation Could not connect : Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (4) Spectrum Technologies weather stations feature leading-edge measurement technology that our customers have come to rely on.

Special Honors. Automatic Weather Stations — features and uses Records of daily weather conditions have been kept for 200 years and more, of course, but traditionally have always required a diligent and dedicated human observer to record readings from manual instruments at a fixed time, without fail, every single day. It measures meteorological parameters such as wind speed & direction, rainfall, visibility, UV-radiation, light intensity, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. Our weather stations are known for their precision measurements, rugged construction, wide operating temperature range and low power consumption. The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) and Automatic Weather Station (AWS) program are United States Antarctic Program (USAP) sister projects focusing on observational Antarctic meteorological research, providing real-time and archived meteorological data and observations, and supporting a network of automatic weather stations in Antarctica.
Some home weather stations come with five sensors, while others come with three. A weather station is a facility, either on land or sea, with instruments and equipment for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information for weather forecasts and to study the weather and climate.The measurements taken include temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation amounts. The standard weather station consists of a Sutron’s Portable Automatic Weather Stations are designed to work under the harshest environmental conditions ( -40°C to +70°C). Enter Your "City, ST" or zip code . If you’re after fairly recreational data, the AcuRite 00589 is the best home weather station for you. WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations Professional grade solutions. More sensors are not necessarily better, though; rather it depends on what you plan to use your station for. Weathercom is an Automatic Weather Station (AWS). Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) units are operated and controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Note: Similar terms for "automated weather station" include "automatic weather station," "met station," and "meteorological station." AWOS data are archived in the Global Surface Hourly An automatic weather station (AWS) is an automated version of the traditional weather station, either to save human labour or to enable measurements from remote areas. Automatic weather station software can detect the important changes in the weather by mixing hourly and they can as well display the distinct observations by the planning of webs set up by their end-user arrangements. Sharper Image Wireless Forecast Station This colorful selection displays conveniently large images and characters, so that a wealth of information is just a glance away, like the 12-hour forecast, as well as the current temperature and humidity. Quality make Automatic Weather Station offers professional weather monitoring and precise values for weather research & analysis. PULSONIC is a 30 years experienced company specialized in meteorological instruments.