"It's been 2 days since the opening of the show and people are still talking to me about how much fun they had. The blurb says “Explore all kinds of mysterious places and dive into a world full of atmosphere. 1 reply Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay - Duration: 12:51.

Jatsko 163 views. Fugue in Void is a walking sim where you explore all kinds of mysterious places and dive into a world full of atmosphere.

We had a great turnout and a wide variety of audience members. The developer describes it as the “perfect break from all those action packed games out there“, supposedly targeting those who prefer […] Fugue in a Void — quite fascinating in its execution of the research puzzle, where you will travel to the unusual world to explore each location. 35:56. Fugue in Void was part of the experimental indie games exhibition "Exploration" in Atlanta 2018. Fugue In Void is a walking simulator by Moshe Linke, who has made a lot of games about Brutalism – although this is the first of them I’ve played. It is my all and everything. Mac build not working (probably caused by Mojave?) Fugue in Void | Critique and Commentary - Duration: 35:56.

Fugue in Void by Moshe Link is a Brutalism-themed exploration game, and a journey through a world that is probably not the one that usually surrounds us, but a world that we surround ourselves. The title is the culmination of six months work. This simulation focuses on stunning architectural spaces and texture transitions.

Fugue in Void by Moshe Linke The soul is the weariest part of the body This project took me over 6 months and is the result of my creative chaos. Throughout the game you will chase the mysterious atmosphere, and you, in turn, will be one by one to unravel is covered with a dark veil of secrecy. Moshe Linke, A developer based in Hamburg, Germany. New; - [FIXED] started by pippinbarr. Fugue in Void is the labour of one man. Gordon Ramsay Recommended for you.