It holds the distinction of being the lowest point at the southern and western hemispheres at 105 meters (344 ft). Twelve Mile Circle. Laguna del Carbón. This Mostpoint is also an important point of paleontological interest. This salt lake is located 54 kilometres from Puerto San Julián, within the Gran Bajo de San Julián , an endorheic basin situated between the San Julian Bay and the Chico River. The “Laguna del Carbón” or “Coal Lagoon” with its 107 meters / 351 ft below sea level make this endorheic depression the lowest point not only in South America, but also in the Southern and Western hemispheres, ranking seventh worldwide. It is the seventh lowest point on the planet. Location. Laguna del Carbon is one of the most beautiful lakes in Argentina. Laguna del Carbón is a salt lake in Corpen Aike Department, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. This endorheic salt lake is at the Santa Cruz Province in Argentina. An Appreciation of Unusual Places. Posted on July 13, 2014 July 26, 2018 by Twelve Mile Circle. I’ve written about elevation lowpoints previously including Lake Assal (Africa), Lake Eyre (Australia) and Death Valley (North America).