The title WWE Forceable Entry which was the first album unofficially with the WWE logo. And on any compilation where songs by Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson are unremarkable for their fast pace and fury, it can be safely said that all of the songs do "rock!"

Forceable Entry features 18 alt.metal, hard rock, and otherwise heavy tracks that double as entrance themes for WWF wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin (Disturbed, "Glass Shatters"), Triple H (Drowning Pool, "The Game"), and Chris Jericho (Sevendust 's reference-appropriate "Break the Walls Down"). The tagline emblazoned across the top of this latest WWF album's cover reads, "All New WWF Superstar Themes That Rock!" This product refers to WWF and carries a WWF logo Song Title 1: Final album within the WWF logo. Also the WWE logo was displayed on the album cover which is appeared through website. Please note this product was created before 10 November 2002 when the World Wrestling Federation Entertainmnet Inc. traded as WWF.