The presence of Fresco gives happiness to users who love to draw.

The announcement coincided with … 'Creativity for All' is the key theme of the all-new CC 2020 release, which was just announced by Adobe this week at their annual MAX conference.

Stephen Shankland. Adobe Fresco is currently in beta, but you can request access to the beta program via Adobe. The full release will come later in 2019 according to Adobe. Fresco will only be available on iPads running iOS version 12.4 or higher. I was extremely excited about the release of Adobe Fresco for Windows for my Surface Pro, especially when my particular model the Surface Pro 4 was listed as a supported device. June 17, 2019 1:32 p.m. PT. Just like on the iPad, Adobe Fresco will be present for Microsoft Surface products such as Surface Pro 4, Surface Go, and Surface Studio. And they’ve examined the ways that a thick slash of oil paint dries to add dimension to a painting. After releasing Fresco for the iPad, Adobe finally released the drawing application for Windows. Adobe Fresco will replicate those organic interactions and expand on them. Adobe scientists have studied the chemistry of common real-world pigments like cobalt and ochre. Adobe’s Fresco application will be available on the ARM-powered Microsoft Surface X, Microsoft announced. I predict we may see it as soon as November 4 during Adobe Max 2019. Adobe Fresco — the company’s drawing and painting app that had originally launched earlier this year on the iPad — is coming to Windows. Adobe's Fresco app will bring real painting physics to iPad art. The tool, formerly Project Gemini, arrives later in 2019. They’ve looked at the physics of how watercolors are absorbed into thick, cotton-based paper.