Um dies ohne einen Mobile Device Management Server zu tun, müssen Sie zunächst den Apple Configurator von Apple herunterladen und installieren und damit Ihr iPad in den Supervised Mode versetzen. Step 1 — Enable supervised mode on your Apple TV Select your device. I want to put an iMac in the lobby of my office as a kiosk. Open Apple Communities Search. Apple TV Kiosk Management signifies a purpose-specific, restricted environment in which Apple TV can be configured. For that reasom I want the Apple TV to always start up in this app. I think it is called kiosk mode. Using Hexnode MDM, you can quickly turn your device into Kiosk mode. With Hexnode MDM, you can add Enterprise apps to kiosk mode.

Hi, is kiosk mode (single app mode) enabled in tvOS10? Für einen dauerhafteren Kiosk ist das ideal. Dank des Kiosk-Modus in Windows 8.1/10 Pro ist der PC geschützt: Gäste nutzen nur noch ein Programm – aus dem sie nicht ausbrechen. I want the iPad to be used on an exhibition so people can run through the presentation. No, there is no Kiosk mode for Apple TV 4 (or earlier), and also no possible way for it to start up in your app. User profile for user: John Nichols John Nichols User level: Level 2 (235 … Sie können dann den Apple-Konfigurator verwenden, um den Einzelanwendungsmodus zu aktivieren. Basically what I want to do is have it play a cool flash movie as a screen saver (like all the macs in the apple store) but when someone moves the mouse I only want them to have access to a flash "brochure" interface that I would develope.

Looks like no one’s replied in a while. You can use device provisioning or KNOX features for a better status bar protection. Thanks. We will have no keybord or other input device so there is no need to diable input. Advanced settings specific for kiosk mode can be configured, which enhances the security of the devices. Single App Kiosk mode allows the admin to restrict the users to a specific app on their devices. The problem in keynote is that it can not be protected from editing. Kiosk mode on iOS differs from the Android platform in that only single app kiosk mode is available and it requires that devices be supervised. Click ‘Prepare’ button. Both of these tricks also work on an iPhone or iPod Touch, so you can use it to put a smaller device into kiosk mode. You can create a makeshift kiosk using the Guided Access feature, or enable Single App Mode for a true kiosk environment. As per the kiosk mode only my app is opening on boot completion.But the problem is it is allowing home and back button through remote that escapes my app from homescreen.I want to show my app only in the device.As per customer requirements user should not allowed to open any other apps.Only one app should run on the TV screen.How to do it? We will have no keybord or other input device so there is no need to diable input. TV; Music; Support; Shopping Bag; Cancel Communities Contact ... Support Communities / Mac OS & System Software / Safari Search or ask a question Search Apple Communities Reset. By continuing to browse this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. See our Cookies policy for more information. Supervised mode can be enabled by Apple Configurator (which requires a reset of the device) or during Intune enrollment via DEP. Hi all, I made several presentations in keynote and transfered them to my iPad. Question: Q: Kiosk Mode?? More details on this can be found in our documentation here. With Android 8+ the status bar can be pulled down in the Kiosk Mode but automatically collapse back so it’s still not usable on the majority of devices. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Dies kann nur auf einem Mac erfolgen, da Apple Configurator …

Hexnode MDM's Apple TV kiosk mode allows you to convert your Apple TVs into specific purpose devices, enforce restrictions and more. In Kiosk Mode the system bars will be made useless.

For an Apple TV to be put in single app mode, it needs to be supervised . This website uses cookies.