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They don't have *playable* version yet, they said there is no way to go to the practice range, so i guess you can scroll through menu..?

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Atlas Reactor has been in beta for a fortnight, and in that time, Trion have trawled Reddit, news sites and streams.

That being said, I'd really like to do something much bigger and better for him. The chat room and forums are always open. ... Not sure if i can post links to the dicord there, but it's name is EvoS-AR, search that in net, and i guess you'll find reddit page with link to the discord channel.

Atlas Reactor is a turn-based tactical MOBA. Atlas Reactor, Trion World’s latest game manages to push itself into that recommended bracket, but only just, thanks to the F2P element.

Atlas Reactor, is it back? It's so small and simple yet he loves it so much and means a lot to him.

Atlas Reactor's cast might be filled with the likes of robo-puppies and gun-toting fishmen rather than sword-swingers or wooden pawns, but watching a … This past Christmas I made him a painting, but it's just a small canvas with the atlas reactor logo.