Watch Avi Yemini from the Australian Liberty Alliance as he gives a speech in London during a pro-Trump rally encouraging Europe should to together. Our Australia stands for individual liberty, small government, Western values, social fairness and an integrated multi-ethnic society. In January 2017, Yemini raised over $140,000 for the Hakin family after the Bourke Street attack. Avi Yemini's Facebook page had over 170,000 followers and attracted between two and three million views per week, before it was deleted by Facebook. Avi Yemini, the outspoken political activist from Melbourne and Victorian state candidate for Australian Liberty Alliance, has been banned by Facebook Inc for unspecified 'hate' speech.

By: Liberty Nation Staff July 19, 2018 Media , … Migrants do not dream of a new life in Australia because we are a Socialist, Islamic or tribal society. In 2018, Avi Yemini was announced by the Australian Liberty Alliance as candidate for the Southern Metro Region. Our Australia has no place for big government, racism, moral relativism, islamisation, divisive multiculturalism or tolerance for the intolerant. With his firm focus on community service and safety, Avi will work hard as your elected representative to take back Victoria.