It is a relatively small country that is spread over a small group of islands. Hamilton, New Zealand.

A beautiful country with a familiar culture that is crying out for skilled workers, New Zealand is the perfect match for savvy Brits looking for a new home abroad.From its stunning coastline to its rolling green hills, New Zealand’s picturesque scenery and pleasant climate regularly place it amongst the most desirable places in the world to live. By Betsy Burlingame. It was by far the best travel I have ever had and I still think about going back and living there for a longer period of time, especially now that I have done a couple of international transitions and don’t feel like it’s such a terrifying thing anymore. Other expats find that living in New Zealand, like many other places, has its pros and cons. Look no further – below, we outline some of the best cities for Australians in New Zealand to live and work.

For some, life in New Zealand is a dream come true. Oh yes, New Zealand! Summary: Expats are drawn to New Zealand's astoundingly beautiful scenery, laid back lifestyle, safe cities and towns and low cost healthcare. A year-round destination with great winter and summer activities, Queenstown is definitely one of the best places to live in New Zealand. Where is the best place to live in New Zealand?

The cost of living is lower in Hamilton than it is in some of the larger cities, yet industry is thriving in this area. Living New Zealand offers life in a country of natural beauty and diverse scenery. New Zealand may be a sparsely populated island country, but with its spectacular scenery and awe-inspiring nature, New Zealand offers a high-quality way of life for expats. This is the tenth best place to live in all of New Zealand. 9. Here are some of the top choices. 10 Tips for Living in New Zealand. Auckland – New Zealand’s ‘Megacity’ Auckland is often first on the list for Australians in New Zealand as a place to live and work – with over 1 million people (nearly 25% of New Zealand’s population), Auckland is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with plenty to offer.

There are many great areas in New Zealand to choose from when looking for a place to live. New Zealand emerged as the best place for quality of life, with 57 per cent of expat respondents saying they have become more physically active since moving there.

This is shown by the statistics, with over fifth of the people that live and work in the country born overseas. I am still amazed that I managed to actually get on the plane and go back to Chicago when I was in NZ in 2010.

Hamilton is approximately an hour and a half’s drive from Aukland. Jun 21, 2016.

It is located on teh banks of the Waikato River which enhances the natural beauty of the city.