BlackShot is a fast-paced free to play modern military FPS. I ONLY WANT THE LATEST UPDATE. Ranking. Join the BlackShot battlefield today! hall of fame. Power-Ranking Every NFL Defense After the 2020 Draft ... minds will weigh more heavily into the rankings than others. BLACKSHOT CLASSIC. The ranking statistics are still being calibrated for BlackShot: Revolution. Partners. The evolution of Competitive play in BlackShot. Basics. Ranks. Adam is back from the future with his experimental body armor that enhances his combat abilities while providing detailed biometrics to his tactical officer. BLACKSHOT PATCHER FILES HERE. Mastery. End of November. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL. Ranks. Tactics. Quest. BlackShot is a fast-paced free to play modern military FPS. Join the BlackShot battlefield today! Be sure to abide by the below requirements:-All players in clan are able to participate in clan war with a minimum rank of Master Sergeant and above. Gear. RANKING WILL BE AVAILABLE.

Complete 10 Placement Matches to receive your first ranking ELO Points and get started. The first of many BlackShot M characters to join the PC ranks is none other than Adam Neo. During the event period, rise to the top 20 rankings with your Clan and be rewarded greatly! Clan System. Check back soon for the full ranking leaderboards, including the BlackShot: Classic Hall of Fame. Points. Fight through Ranking Tiers over 4-week seasons against opponents of equivalent skill for a shot at huge prizes. -Only players in the clan that have contributed for the clan war points will receive the reward.