A great choice if you like to be rewarded for your credit card spend and want the freedom to spend your rewards on anything you like. ANZ CashBack Visa. BNZ credit cards can suit a range of Kiwi lifestyles and budgets. Spend needed to cover annual $40 fee: $6,000 Rewards: There are Many cash reward redemption options – you can choose to reduce your credit card balance each month, put your Cash Rewards dollars into a BNZ savings account or KiwiSaver scheme. BNZ’s range of credit cards include low rate credit cards, rewards credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, cash back credit cards and more. Find and compare ANZ credit cards. BNZ Low Rate Mastercard Our View: This is the best credit card if you want to transfer a balance.You'll get 0% interest for 12 months and a low "life of balance" interest rate after that. Even if you're stuck with a small credit card debt, getting this card could save you hundreds of dollars and even up to $1,000 in interest charges alone. Established in 1861 as the Bank of New Zealand, BNZ has a proud history that goes back more than 150 years.

To be eligible, all you need to do is apply and be approved, and then spend at least $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first three months. Protect your card. ANZ CashBack Visa Platinum. Use the credit card comparison table below to compare and find the best BNZ credit card to suit your needs. BNZ Community Check out BNZ community , a place where like-minded people can connect and talk about all things money related.

Credit card help including lost or stolen cards, unusual transactions on your card, credit card travel insurance, earning rewards and card interest rates explained. Lost or stolen cards. Compare BNZ credit cards If you’re considering a BNZ credit card, check out what products the …

With its current introductory offer, the BNZ Advantage Platinum Credit Card provides new cardholders with 1,000 Fly Buys points or $150 cashback, according to the programme chosen at application. Depending … ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum. Using your card. Eligible cards include BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum, BNZ Advantage Visa Classic, BNZ Advantage Visa Business, BNZ Lite Visa, BNZ Visa Classic, BNZ Visa Platinum and BNZ Flexi Debit Visa. Transfer your balance. BNZ $40 = 1 Flybuy. Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand’s largest banks, providing credit cards, loans, bank accounts, investments and insurance services. Earn: $1 Cash Reward from Every $150 spent Cashback: $1 per $150 spent, or 67 cents per $100 spent. Updated 7 April 2020.

BNZ Credit Cards. BNZ credit card and Flexi Debit Visa card terms and fees apply when you use your card in Google Pay or Apple Pay.