BOL TV Network is a 24/7 News and Entertainment channel broadcasting Latest News and Entertainment Drama's and Game Show and many more in HD quality!
The channel is exclusively available Free To Air on Paksat 1R 38 East. BOL Group is a complete media enterprise consisting of platforms that are important and relevant to our audience, including Television (News, Entertainment and Sports), Digital Media (Web, Social Media & Media Apps), Print Media (Newspaper and Magazines), Cinemas & Movies, Theatre and Radio.
This is BOL TV Network - for me, for you, for us! Welcome to the official YouTube Channel of BOL, Pakistan's Largest Media Group. Bol News New Frequency Biss Key 2020 Channel Name Satellite Frequency Bol News Network Urdu Paksat 1R at 38.0°E 3786 H 29500 Bol News Network Sindhi P