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ESSENTIAL INFO: Number of balls: Min Price (per line): $ Drawn on: Min Jackpot: Lotteries played in Minnesota . Powerball. $25,000,000. Buy Ticket - Wed, 3rd Aug .

The Minnesota Lottery must receive your refund claim form and copies of qualifying tickets on or before December 31, 2020 for reimbursement.

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How to buy Powerball lottery tickets, if you don't live in 29 states and the District of Columbia where Powerball is allowed? You can always buy Powerball lottery tickets online from reputable websites.


Every time you say I’MN, you help raise money for things that matter like education, health care, and our environment. Playing Our Part. Daily 3-Northstar Cash-Gopher 5-Our results are unofficial, all data is sourced from reliable sources. Minnesotans can now buy lottery tickets on smartphone but legal status debated After a test run, the service offered by a New York-based company has started, but opponents are lining up. As of Tuesday, Minnesotans can use their smartphones to buy tickets for Powerball and other lottery games based on the drawing of numbers.

Duck Duck Grey Duck. Mega Millions. June Tickets Sneak Peek. $40,000,000. Diamond Bingo Doubler. The Minnesota State Lottery: Gopher 5.