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Viel Spaß, euer Angelus! Note: This isn’t a definitive verdict and score. Unterstützt das Projekt mit Daumen nach oben! Home; Game Reviews; Lates Game News; Featured Games; Top games; Playstation; News; Search. Following years of strife, what remains of the Reef has fallen to lawlessness. Explore Destiny 2: Forsaken game detail, release date, demo, images, videos, reviews. You and Cayde-6 are sent to personally investigate the recent unrest. ParentsDoDestiny During COVID-19 Locked Down which is affecting the whole world. It’s early days for Destiny 2: Forsaken, and there’s still a ton of endgame content to tackle and a Raid to pol.

Let’s Play Destiny 2 Deutsch. Ein Gameplay-Trailer erklärt die Regeln von Gambit. Destiny Gameplay German. Home; Game Reviews. Video Game Addicted. Ich spiele das DLC Forsaken auf meiner PS4 Pro. Destiny 2: Forsaken is here, and players everywhere are readying their weapons and preparing to take their revenge against Uldren Sov. Die Erweiterung Forsaken für Destiny 2 hat einen interessanten Spielmodus im Gepäck.