To me it suggests that he understands that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, as many shark attack victims are, and that he may not blame the shark …

In an interview published in the Dominion on 28 April 1992, Mike Fraser … Shark attack results 1 to 10, showing page 1 of 1 shark attacks 1992 -> Meteorologic Station on Campbell Island 370 nautical miles south of New Zealand - Antarctic Ocean - New Zealand - non-fatal - _ Mike Fraser - M - unknown 1 Why not add a shark diving trip or an african safari.

One of New Zealand’s most dramatic shark attacks occurred at the remote subantarctic Campbell Island on 24 April 1992, when a great white shark mauled meteorological officer Mike Fraser while he was snorkelling with four companions. A teenage surfer has miraculously escaped with his life after being attacked by a massive shark. Subantarctic shark attack Whai muri.

Bald Head Island, N.C. — Ironbound, a 12-foot white shark, was swimming off Bald Head Island Monday afternoon after having pinged Sunday night in Pamlico Sound.

The attack unfolded at about 1.30pm off Cull Island in Esperance on Sunday A person reported seeing a great white shark in the water shortly before attack By Claudia Poposki For Daily Mail Australia The shark tore off his arm and then swam away. Shark attack results 41 to 50, showing page 5 of 115 shark attacks 1999 -> Shark Attack at Oreti Beach - South Island - New Zealand - non-fatal - _ Tim Wild - M - 15 1999 -> Shark Attack at Unspecified - Unspecified - New Zealand - non-fatal - _ Mr. Spain - M - 28 1999 -> Shark Attack at Papamoa near Tauranga Bay of Plenty - North Island - New Zealand - non-fatal - _ - B - unknown New Zealand shark attacks; Date Region Location Fatal? List of fatal shark attacks in Australia. In Australia, on average over 49 shark attacks happen each year. All in all a very dramatic story, but what struck me was that Mike returned to the island three years later to continue his work as a researcher. Why not add a shark diving trip or an african safari. Jump to navigation Jump to search. May 2nd 2016: North Island: Cormandel: N: Feb 7th 2014: South Island: Porpoise Bay: N: Jan 25th 2014: South Island