THE prospect of "star wars" between China and the West loomed last night after Beijing used a ballistic missile to destroy a satellite in space. Wie ein 30 Jahre altes U-Boot eine US-Trägergruppe versenkt hat. China called for “tranquility in space” after India’s ASAT test. India has successfully tested an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon by blowing up one of its satellites positioned 185 miles above the Earth.

Because of the orbit of the satellite, and the fact that the Chinese had no real explanation for the orbit, it was decided to destroy the satellite rather than explain the reason for its existence. China has been accused of covering up its own SpaceX-style satellite disaster after a spy spacecraft mysteriously disappeared. The Bush administration kept a lid on the test for more than a week as it weighed its significance. Von Gernot Kramper.

The… It was a sophisticated military spy satellite recently discovered by the United States and Russia. Now, China is spending big on scientific endeavors, launching the world’s first quantum-communications satellite and a telescope to search for dark matter in the past year alone. China successfully tested its ASAT capabilities in 2007. US worries as China blows up satellite WASHINGTON: The United States and Japan have criticised China's anti-satellite weapons test in which an old weather satellite was destroyed by a missile. India’s ASAT test has riled up Beijing and made it realize that the country cannot be easily bullied like others in the neighborhood. Security experts see the test as a warning to China regarding their military ambitions on the Indian subcontinent.