A reintensifying Tropical Cyclone Harold continued its rampage through the South Pacific with a direct hit on the southern Fiji island of Kadavu at Category 4 strength. For example, 0000 UTC Saturday is 1200 Saturday Fiji time. For example, 1800 UTC Saturday is 0600 Sunday Fiji time. For now, the related trough of low pressure is bringing lots of clouds and showers over the Fiji group. Harold is the region's most powerful storm since 2018 and could yet grow stronger than Pam and Winston, the Southern Hemisphere's biggest storm on record, which devastated Fiji in 2016. According to NOAA's database, Harold became only the fifth Category 5 equivalent tropical cyclone to track near the northern islands of Vanuatu since 1988. After wreaking havoc across Vanuatu, Severe Tropical Cyclone "Harold" is now heading toward Fiji where the country's disaster management office has activated its national emergency operations center. Category Cyclone 2 has mean … Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold intensified into a category 5 cyclone overnight and is moving further away from Fiji leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Category Cyclone 1 has mean winds 34-47 knots with a central pressure greater than 985 hPa. Fiji time is UTC +12 hours. Harold developed near Papua New Guinea before tracking East and crossing the Solomon Islands as a category-two system. Vanuatu is currently under a Tropical Cyclone and Severe Weather Warning issued by Vanuatu Met. With the current track, TC Harold is expected to track to the southwest of the Fiji group Wednesday or Thursday next week.