How many people died Tropical Cyclone Yasi? The aim of this study is to describe patient presentations to the Emergency Department (ED) of a tertiary level hospital (Townsville) following a tropical cyclone (Yasi). Related Questions .

The storm which started in the Coral Sea, destroyed hundreds of homes in the northern Queensland towns of Tully, Mission Beach, Innisfail and Cardwell. Yasi was a Category Five storm, the highest level, with winds of about 300 km/h. Wiki User 2012-07-19 03:20:01.

There has only been 200 deaths reported.

Cyclone Yasi made landfall between Innisfail and Cardwell at around midnight local time (1400 GMT Wednesday). Tropical Cyclone Yasi was a tropical cyclone that caused a lot of damage when it reached the Australian coast at about midnight on Wednesday 2 February 2011. Introduction Emergency departments see an increase in cases during cyclones. Cyclone Yasi was the second major cyclone to hit north Queensland in four days, as it had already survived category two Cyclone Anthony, which crossed the coast on January 30. Specific areas of focus include changes in: patient demographics (age and gender), triage categories, and classification of diseases. Authorities said Cyclone Anthony was a "good test run for the region's emergency services" as Yasi was already brewing in the Pacific Ocean as a much larger storm.