David (2003) defines strategic management as the art and science of 1-1 Chapter 1Chapter 1 The Nature of StrategicThe Nature of Strategic ManagementManagement Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases. Although there are variations of the strategic management model, most are divided into six stages. Figures 2.1 and 2.2 present the process for single SBU firm and multiple SBU firm.

When a company takes the time to properly establish its mission statement, and its core values, it allows the entire company to have one cohesive and all inclusive approach to strategic planning.
Strategy Formulation; Strategy Implementation A strategic management process model must provide the framework for management and employees to work side by side towards a common goal. Effective implementation of the strategic planning process does not require only the allocation of resources to accomplish goals. 9th edition Fred R. David 2. External Environment Analysis Develop Vision and Mission Statements Establish Long-Term Objectives Measure and Evaluate Performance Internal Environment Analysis Implement Strategies Model of the Strategic Management Process Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation Strategy Evaluation Generate, Evaluate, and Choose Strategies Fred R. David Prentice Hall Ch. Figure 2.1: Strategic management model In subtopic 2.2, you will be exposed to the fundamental elements and components of strategic management. About the Author Dr. Fred R. David is the sole author of three mainstream strategic-management textbooks: (1) "Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases," (2) "Strategic Management Concepts," and (3) "Strategic Management Cases," These texts have been on a two-year revision cycle since 1986, when the first edition was published. Understanding these six stages will help managers to create and implement strategies in their own firms. According to the strategic management model, a number of steps are taken to achieve the objectives of a company. In this section we will illustrate and comment on 3 more well-known frameworks presented by recognized scholars in the strategic management field. According to Fred David’s strategic model, trategic management processs is comprised of three stages that include strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation (figure 1)drive. It must also be backed up by strategic ideas, which include having an appropriate organizational structure, an effective management information system, a system of budget facilitating the achievement of strategic goals, and a reward system that supports the strategy. Comprehensive Strategic Management Model (David, 2003) The said strategic analysis and formulation make use all of qualitative and quantitative information, both from company’s internal and external sources, as the input in delivering analysis and making subjective decision.

DAVID’S STRATEGY FORMULATION FRAMEWORK IN ACTION: THE EXAMPLE OF TURKISH AIRLINES ON DOMESTIC AIR TRANSPORTATION N. Gökhan TORLAK , Mehmet ŞANAL ABSTRACT The paper aims to implement a modern strategy formulation framework formed by Fred David in the strategic management process and to reveal some limitations emanating from its use that … More about these models can be found in the authors’ books. The Strategic-Management Model 14 Benefits of Strategic Management 16 Financial Benefits 17 & Nonfinancial Benefits 18 Why Some Firms Do No Strategic Planning 18 Pitfalls in Strategic Planning 19 Guidelines for Effective Strategic Management 19 Comparing Business and Military Strategy 21 THE COHESION CASE: MCDONALD’S CORPORATION—2009 27 ASSURANCE OF LEARNING … The elements within it interact among themselves.
Different strategic management models are chosen by various companies according to … Strategic management model refers to the pattern or mode of strategic management. management process for knowledge management and competitive intelligence and vice versa. Strategic management process According to David the art and science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives 3. One of models of strategic management process or strategic management is Fed David’s model. Subtopic 2.3 discusses the strategic management model and subtopic 2.4 discusses the strategic management process.