After the war, DST started being used on and off in different states, beginning and ending on days of their choosing. No matter how you feel about the change, whether or not you think it is necessary, conserves energy, or is an infringement on your rights by the federal government, if you want to be on the same time frame as everyone else in … Daylight Saving Time was unpopular in the U.S. after the War ended, and Congress repealed the national law. Here is its history, and how (and why) it is used today. When daylight saving time was extended in 2007, there was a 7% decrease in crime in the U.S. [7] In Antarctica, there is no daylight in the winter months and there is 24-hour daylight in the summer; however, researcher stations there still observe daylight saving to coincide with their supply stations in New Zealand or Chile. Daylight savings time (DST) originated in Canada in 1908, much to the chagrin of the Germans and Austrians who initiated the first country-wide DST period in 1916. Daylight Savings Time only lasted until 1920 but was reinstated again at the start of World War II to conserve energy, yet again. Adopting Daylight Saving Time allowed people to spend more time operating by daylight rather than artificial light, which saved precious fuel. Daylight Savings Time is an idea that has been around for more than 100 years, and was implemented nationwide in Germany a little over a century ago. Some local … Related: 5 crazy chapters in the history of daylight saving time. The House of Representatives voted 252 to 40 to pass a law "to save daylight," with the official first daylight saving time taking place on March 15, 1918. If daylight savings time is recognized in your part of America (or your part of the world) you no doubt have noticed the longer daylight hours in summer and the shorter daylight hours in winter. But, it was in fact a few hundred Canadians residing in Port Arthur, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) who first wound their clocks forward an hour to kick start the official daylight savings movement.