On 11 June 2008, a 7920H-10 rocket, launched the Fermi (GLAST) gamma-ray space telescope.On 10 September 2011, a 7920H-10 rocket, launched the GRAIL lunar mission (illustration at right). The rockets can launch payloads to polar orbits, sun-synchronous orbits, geosynchronous orbits and GTOs, and LEO. Eric Berger - Aug 22, 2019 7:20 pm UTC Credit: ULA A United Launch Alliance Delta 2 7920-10 will be used to launch the STSS Demo spacecraft for the Missile Defense Agency. File photo of a Delta 4-Heavy launch in June 2012. Credit: United Launch Alliance. Three 7920H rockets have flown. The Delta-7920H configuration included nine GEM-46 strap-on solid fuel engines.

34 1 457/D-34 Delta-E 06.11.1965 CC LC-17A Explorer 29 (GEOS A) 35 2 460/D-35 Delta-E 16.12.1965 CC LC-17A Pioneer 6 37 3 461/D-37 Delta-E 28.02.1966 CC LC-17B ESSA 2 41 4 463/D-41 Delta-E 02.10.1966 Va SLC-2E ESSA 3 45 5 472/D-45 Delta-E 26.01.1967 Va SLC-2E ESSA 4 48 6 484/D-48 Delta-E 20.04.1967 Va SLC-2E ESSA 5 Launch sites: CC = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, … The Spitzer space telescope (SIRTF) was launched on 15 August 2003.

Must-see rocketry — The last single-stick Delta rocket launched Thursday, and it put on a show Like, seriously. Each Delta IV rocket is assembled horizontally, erected vertically on the launch pad, integrated with its satellite payload, fueled and launched. Delta Space was founded in 2017 to revolutionize advanced rocket technology with the ultimate goal of getting a rocket … An illustration of the Delta 2 rocket and GPS spacecraft. Delta-7920H. Delta Space Systems designs, manufactures, and launches advanced rockets. Delta IV launch vehicles can accommodate single or multiple payloads on the same mission. Delta 900 rocket with Nimbus-E satellite at Vandenberg AFB (Dec. 1972) Delta 1910 [ edit ] The 112th Delta rocket, a Delta 1910, launches with Orbiting Solar Observatory 8 (OSO 8) Date: Jun 21, 1975