May 29, 2008 Chinese. On May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck with its epicenter in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Prov-ince, China. Sichuan is a very active tectonic area. Soon after the earthquake struck, the Chinese government reported that at least 391 dams had been damaged in the quake, including major cracks on the largest dam in the area, the Zipingpu Dam. Especially when seeing the pictures of young kids' deaths, the tragedy of no one surviving in whole schools, it makes us heart-broken and angry. The affected area is mountainous, featuring densely-vegetated, steep slopes through which narrowly confined rivers and streams flow. The earthquake occurred because the pressure resulting from the Indian plate colliding with the Eurasian was sent along the Longmenshan fault line that runs through Sichuan.

Since then, the Ministry of Water Resources has reported that as … The Sichuan Earthquake stirred the blood and tears of everybody.

The earthquake in Sichuan of May 2008 was caused by the movement along a fault line. The earthquake in Sichuan of May 2008 was caused by the movement along a fault line. The magnitude 7.9 (Mw) Wenchuan, China, earthquake of May 12, 2008 caused at least 88,000 deaths of which one third are estimated to be due to the more than 56,000 earthquake-induced landslides. Sichuan is a very active tectonic area. disaster impacts at a finer scale. The tragic Sichuan Earthquake of May 12, 2008, which killed an estimated 80,000 civilians, also damaged hundreds of dams in Sichuan Province. It occurred at … A quick breakdown with easy to digest facts you can insert into any essay to support your points. The specific focus lies in the political success of the Chinese government in managing the crisis in the context of a drastic socio‐economic transition. The flames of anger are burning towards the corrupted officials and construction businessmen. Sichuan Earthquake, China, 2008 Sichuan, in the SE of China, which is an NIC. The purpose of this research note is to give an overview of the Chinese Government's political response to the May 2008 deadly earthquake in Sichuan province.