Conducting an Effective Flight Review Table of Contents ... They, too, get another three months. The same extension is provided for flight instructor certificates. The video below summarizes the major provisions of this SFAR so you can determine what type of relief you may be eligible to receive. They, too, get another three months. It's not so easy to change a regulation.

This should not be that difficult.

Some regulations can be waived, such as many of the Flight Rules in Part 91. Continue to monitor our website for updates or feel free to call back. " Airman should review the FAA’s COVID-19 SFAR for additional limitations and details that may apply to your situation. The review takes different forms in different countries.

I asked AOPA in an email if they were doing anything to temporarily extend flight reviews. Finally, the FAA granted a three-month buffer to CFIs whose certification might otherwise have expired without them having been able to re-up their certificate. This is their reply, "We have already made a request about extensions to expiration's and anticipate The FAA to announce some guidance in the next few days. Happy – and safe – flying! Conducting an Effective Flight Review Introduction General aviation (GA) pilots enjoy a level of flexibility and freedom unrivaled by their aeronautical contemporaries. The rule states that this regulatory relief will allow “the continuity of aviation operations that are critical during the COVID-19 […] Why can they not extend our flight reviews for 90 days?

A biennial flight review or a periodic flight review is mandated for pilots by the aviation authorities of many countries. The FAA also extended the flight review period for pilots whose every-other-years currency would’ve expired. April 30, 2020 – The FAA announced last week that it will extend pilot medical certificates, flight reviews, recency requirements, and other regulatory measures to allow pilots to continue to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Walboy, Apr 2, 2020 #1. Sinistar En-Route. Extensions of 14 CFR Part 61 pilot currency requirements, e.g., flight review, instrument proficiency checks, pilot in command/second pilot in command proficiency checks. iii v.1.0 Dec05 .