The core booster stuck the ocean landing this time. De middelste core-booster is een verstevigde uitvoering van de normale Falcon 9-booster op de side-boosters zijn de interstages vervangen door neuskegels. Block 5 is the final iteration of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy boosters. A little more than one year after the Falcon Heavy’s first launch, SpaceX finally landed all three of the rocket’s boosters. De drie boostertrappen zijn in de meeste gevallen herbruikbaar. List of boosters Block 5. Landing the Falcon Heavy boosters relies on a principle that applies to everything from human organs to interest rates Christopher M. Kellett, University of Newcastle Feb 12, 2018, 2:26 AM The middle booster of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket failed to land on its drone ship New, 53 comments By Loren Grush @lorengrush Feb 6, 2018, 6:39pm EST For the first time, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket launched with a customer's payload on board. You might think the coolest part of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test was the Tesla with a spaceman riding inside, flying out into space.Yeah, sure, that part was cool. Changes include a stronger heat shield, uprated engines, new carbon composite sections (landing legs, engine sections, raceways, RCS thrusters and interstage), retractable landing legs, titanium grid fins, and other additions that simplify refurbishment and allow for easier reusability. It's also the first time Elon Musk's space company landed all three boosters after launch. De Falcon Heavy bestaat uit een Falcon 9 met twee bijkomende Falcon 9-boosters als strap-on-boosters.