The ISS currently consists of ten modules in low orbit traveling at … Skeptical estimate to build a shuttle? But how much does an Aircraft Carrier cost then? How much does a ticket to space cost? As what we have mentioned above, it really depends on a lot of factors. The project director plans to build two more test models before the final space shuttle is ready. India’s first space shuttle will measure 131 feet and may launch in 2030. How to chart the price of a trip to Mars May 9, 2018 By Tim Fernholz Senior reporter From our Obsession Space Business The private sector is heading out of the atmosphere. A typical weather satellite carries a price tag of $290 million; a spy satellite might cost an additional $100 million [source: GlobalCom ]. Rosy World picture to launch the shuttle? Much of the cost is wrapped up in the equipment carried by a satellite -- transponders, computers and cameras. A 16-ounce bottle of water weighs about a pound, so it's a good baseline for how much stuff costs to send to the space station: between $9,100 to $43,180.

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The Space Shuttle program has been criticized for failing to achieve its promised cost and utility goals, as well as design, cost, management, and safety issues. $5 to $9 billion dollars.

How much does the international space station cost? brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency. Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. $550 million dollars per shot. Others have argued that the Shuttle program was a step backwards from the Apollo Program, which, while extremely dangerous, accomplished far more scientific and space exploration endeavors than the Shuttle … Here is the list of some Aircraft Carriers around the world with their cost: As what we have mentioned above, it really depends on a lot of factors. After years of waiting, Virgin Galactic is close to flying tourists to the edge of space, but it will cost $250,000. The closest American … A final tally of the space shuttle program's lifetime costs puts the price tag at $1.5 billion per flight, a new analysis shows.

Ballpark Estimate: $100 billion (U.S cost including Space Shuttle); $150 billion (total cost to date) Orbiting the earth 15 times every day, the International Space Station continues to provide research in such fields as biology, physics, astronomy, and meteorology. $3 billion dollars.

According to NASA's Human Space Flight web site FAQ's, cost at $1.7 billion. Overall cost of the Shuttle program? Skeptical estimate to launch the shuttle? $120 million dollars per shot. Rosy World picture to build a shuttle? $145,000,000,000.00 Because we're talking about government work here, it's a tricky question to answer. Using its 230-foot-tall Falcon 9, SpaceX charges $62 million to send into orbit commercial satellites weighing up to 50,000 pounds. SpaceX does have experience with flying a rocket multiple times, though.

India’s first space shuttle will measure 131 feet and may launch in 2030. Recent NASA estimates peg the shuttle program's cost through the end of last year at $209 billion (in 2010 dollars), yielding a per-flight cost of nearly $1.6 billion.

The amount of money it costs is 1.7 billion dollars for a space shuttle (only one).